Saturday, May 10, 2014

Shopping the SkratchLabs Way

Hey All! I know, another long silence while I've been working and training my butt off. Anyway, I did a big "stock up" shopping trip this morning so I thought I'd show you what it looks like to buy staples for the Skratch way of eating.

Here's what I bought:

As you can see, lots of yummy REAL food.

Some notes and close-ups:

LOTS of pasta and rice, along with tortillas and oatmeal. Grains are the mainstay of the Skratch diet - lots of good fuel for those long training sessions. This time of year when I'm at peak training (13-15 hours a week), I keep it all white and easy to digest - fiber is NOT my friend right now. Obviously, these go WAAAAY down and are replaced by their whole-grain cousins during off-season and on recovery weeks.

I'd been interested in trying out the new Oscar Mayer P3 packs ever since I saw an ad for them in Runner's World last month and my grocery store FINALLY started carrying them. It's not always possible to get in one of Biju and Allen's "Apres" meals in the 15-30 minute post-session time window, especially for pool swims and days like tomorrow where I'm driving 45 minutes each way to  train on the race course. These aren't Skratch per se, but they are REAL recovery food - meat, cheese, and nuts - in the spirit of Skratch.

And of COURSE it wouldn't be a SkratchLabs shopping trip WITHOUT BACON!

Some other notes:

1.) Eggs are ALWAYS a staple. Keep lots in the fridge.

2.) Very few veggies here aside from a small box of greens and importantly, BEETS. Not only is fiber not my friend this time of year, once again, I prefer to buy my veggies throughout the week as needed so that they're nice and fresh.

Hope this is helpful!

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