Sunday, April 06, 2014

What I Did During My Off-Season

Wow...umm...yeah. So, it's, APRIL. Four months, no blogging. No big, right? Y'all still love me, I'm sure.

Anyway, I had a wonderful off-season. Went to Florida for a week just as winter arrived:

Ordered a bunch of Smash (and Betty) to get psyched for 2014:

And...BOUGHT A NEW BIKE! Yes went down to see Ian at Fitwerx in Vermont, and it turns out that good ol' Roo was the completely wrong geometry. In order to get her in a frame size small enough that I could stand over her with my stumpy, Hobbit-y legs, I was all cramped up in the cockpit. What I needed was basically a low-rider and the only way I could get it was a custom. 

Meet the new ride, no name yet but she's a custom Seven Axiom. Why no deep aero tubes? I'm so slow and lightweight it was more important to get rid of wind shear from the side. Why titanium instead of carbon? Mainly because they couldn't make carbon in the crazy measurements I needed.

Isn't she a beaut? And yes, Smashfest Queen's Carbon Flyer just happens to match the silver and pink tones perfectly. Not that I brought that particular kit to pick her up for that very reason or anything. Ahem.

ALSO ALSO, I FINALLY got my Ironman tattoo. Check it out. Longest I've ever sat for ink - 3.5 hours. The first two were okay, but the last hour and a half was ROUGH. First time I ever cried during a body mod. It took forever to heal because of the size, but I LOVE it.

(It's only on one leg, just two views so you can see the entire thing.)
So yeah, really busy here and now I'm getting into the thick of Ironman training. Hopefully I can get into a cadence (as they say in the business world...*shudder*) with regular blogging. In the meantime, hopefully all my pictures at least somewhat made up for it.

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