Monday, December 02, 2013

2013 Turkey Trot Race Report

...well THAT didn't go according to plan.

Got up my usual time and had my usual pre-5K nutrition - 2 cups of the black stuff and a piece of fruit, in this case an apple. I like to keep the stomach pretty empty for the short churn and burns.

Started sipping on my Lemons and Limes Skratch - would have LOVED to take their new hot Apple and Cinnamon out for a spin in light of the single-digit weather, but NOTHING new on race day. Ever. Sad.

It was about 11 degrees at the start. Luckily the forecasted wind wasn't there. I tried to warm up beforehand but it was tough in those temps - literally hard to stay warm enough to stay loose.

Trying to warm up. BRRR.

Ready to go. At least I'm trying to convince myself I am.

They started us in the middle of the road, which hadn't been salted, so I spent the first 100 meters slipping around tryig to go straight up. I crossed the street several times (having to hop a snowbank each time) trying to find a good sidewalk - definitely lost a lot of time and energy the first .15 miles or so.

Trying to get up to speed after the brutal start.

Finally got into a groove for a half mile, then we had another climb that's usually nothing, but it was completely iced over. After the first mile the sidewalk cleared and flattened back out, but I think I used up a LOT of energy that first mile. I kept looking at the pace on my Garmin and thinking "NOT GOOD ENOUGH!"

Right before the last climb. In the background is the IMLP start. Fancy a swim?

Had ANOTHER short climb that ALWAYS hurts because it's at mile 2.5, and THAT was snowed out too and required jumping a snowbank to cross the road. At least the course ENDS with a nice steep downhill.
How I felt about my finish.

Slowest 5K in a while, but it was the conditions, not my fitness.

Finished with a Whole30-compliant Thanksgiving Feast:

Time:  24:29
13 out of  117 women (no age groups).
34 out of 198 overall.