Wednesday, November 27, 2013

ISWF Day 0 - Shopping Thoughts

Well I got my kitchen back today at 2:00. And there was much rejoicing. I still have to reconnect the water line for the refrigerator and the water and drain lines for the dishwasher, but otherwise its done and the floor actually looks BETTER than when it was first installed. (This guy did a better job than the original company.) So yay!

Still, most of the day there was much pounding and continuance of NOISE, so it was hard to do the prep work. I did sign up for the daily e-mails. (Hey, I've spent $15 far more frivolously than that.)

The first instructions were some basic prep work that included:

  • Print out all the website info
  • Plan a week of meals
  • Plan emergency quick to make e-mails
  • Clean out the pantry and fridge
  • Go shopping
Unfortunately with no access to my kitchen and distracting noise for half the day, I wasn't able to get it all done but I did make some headway.

I printed out the info and did plan meals and a shopping list through Friday afternoon just to get me through.

 And after work it was time to shop.

Okay, here are my thoughts after my first Whole30 shopping trip:

  1. Over $70 for two days worth of stuff? The HELL?
  2. Mostly the meat. There was not great selection that was Whole30 compliant. There's locally-sourced, happy-pigs-and-cows meats at the health food store, but it's about $15 a pound. To feed myself and my boyfriend three meals with protein a day? Undoable. I think I may have to compromise (at least for now) by going mass-produced but hormone-and-antibiotic free. I've had a lot of BIG expenses lately, so maybe I'll revisit when I'm not so poor.
  3. Was VERY happy to find organic ghee, coconut oil, and olives at the "normal" store I like. Fats acquired!
  4. Bought avocados for the first time. I think I need to film myself eating one tomorrow. :-D
  5. Not organic, but it's about DAMN TIME someone came out with "pre-husked" pomegranate. EXCITE.
  6. And the rotisserie chicken is just "regular" chicken but is for tonight. I'll STILL use the leftovers during Whole30 though.
Back tomorrow with Day 1 report AND a race report from what will literally my coldest race ever if the forecast holds.

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