Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Picture Updates

Wow, disappeared again for a bit there. Had one last build before the Lake George Olympic to get done. And now we rest and recover from the SMASHING I had been giving my bike legs for two months.

So Monday, was my first day of recovery/taper. Had a nice little brick. Went down Adirondack Loj Road during the ride - the views are SPECTACULAR:

Beats the gym any day!

On Tuesday, my boyfriend surprised me with an early birthday present. Check it out:

I think it goes particularly well with my sundress.
Too late to add it in for Lake George, mainly because I've been riding my road bike in preparation and don't want to switch to Roo at the last minute, and aerohelmets ain't much help if you can't, you know, get into aero. However, I am MOST stoked to debut this bad boy at the Time Trials next year. It's even PINK!

Today's 8 mile tempo run was SOLID. I was FLYING for the first five miles. The last three had the hot sun and the junk in my legs from the last build catching up to me, but it hinted at the incredible fitness I've built up this year. I am MOST STOKED for both Lake George and the Green Mountain Half Marathon.


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Mike said...

Nice early birthday present! Lake George should be fun with your solid level of fitness.