Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Picture Updates

Wow, disappeared again for a bit there. Had one last build before the Lake George Olympic to get done. And now we rest and recover from the SMASHING I had been giving my bike legs for two months.

So Monday, was my first day of recovery/taper. Had a nice little brick. Went down Adirondack Loj Road during the ride - the views are SPECTACULAR:

Beats the gym any day!

On Tuesday, my boyfriend surprised me with an early birthday present. Check it out:

I think it goes particularly well with my sundress.
Too late to add it in for Lake George, mainly because I've been riding my road bike in preparation and don't want to switch to Roo at the last minute, and aerohelmets ain't much help if you can't, you know, get into aero. However, I am MOST stoked to debut this bad boy at the Time Trials next year. It's even PINK!

Today's 8 mile tempo run was SOLID. I was FLYING for the first five miles. The last three had the hot sun and the junk in my legs from the last build catching up to me, but it hinted at the incredible fitness I've built up this year. I am MOST STOKED for both Lake George and the Green Mountain Half Marathon.


Monday, August 12, 2013

Week in Training

Week in Training:

Well, in general it was a tough week. About half the volume of my peak for IMLP, but a lot of it was at sprint pace and this is the time of year where I start losing steam a bit. (I start my training season on January 1st.)

So without further ado, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The Good:

  • Did my longest swim (2K) since Tinman last night and DIDN'T die. (Yes, my swim volume has been THAT low.)
  • This is probably worthy of its own log entry, but set ANOTHER PR at the Mini-Tri at Monday. Granted, most of that was from the swim actually being the correct length this week (biked a little slower, ran a little faster), but I'll take it. I was hoping to just break 1:20 this year, but my official PR is now 1:18:03. Yes, KNOCKING ON THE DOOR OF 1:17. CRAZY. I'll be looking for those four seconds at tonight's Mini-Tri, the last of the year.
The Bad:
  • Tuesday's 45 minute swim left me very tired, which is pathetic.
  • My 9 mile tempo run was quite slow thanks to completely fried legs from all of the hard biking I've been doing.
The Ugly:
  • Had a good ole-fashioned meltdown at the lake, after getting out and giving up 34 minutes into a 55-minute swim, tears and all.
  • Got the bejesus scared out of me by the most insane crosswinds I've ever dealt with on my bike in my life and ended up cutting the bike portion of Saturday's brick short.
So yes, the very uneven training I tend to have this time of year. Hopefully this week will go better.

Friday, August 09, 2013

Friday Film #22

I saw Red 2 last month. It had even less plot than Red, but was still a movie of brainless fun, perfect for Dr. Z. and I to see right before one of his big races (SkyHigh XTerra down outside of Troy).

Anyway, while he...appreciated...Helen Mirren, I was drooling over Lee Byung-Hun. Thank you, South Korea, is all I can say.

So here for your pleasure is a hot Korean man in an expensive suit kicking ass.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Rebooting...Once Again

As you may or may not have noticed, I got away from blogging this year. Once the training amped up I had many stories to tell, but not the time to tell them.

I've decided that I do want to blog again, so stay tuned while I try to "fix up" the blog and get back into the groove with this thing.

A nice shot I got of the IMLP swim start this year to hold you over.