Monday, June 04, 2012

Week In Review

I don't even know what week of IMLP it is at this point - I started back in January. Anyway, haven't done one of these reviews in ages so here we go:

Swim - All OWS this week. I'm a wuss in open water so am trying to get as much experience as possible. I spent over four hours in Mirror Lake out on the buoy line. It all went pretty well - not much to write home about there. I *DO* wish I could zip myself into my wetsuit though. I usually train alone so it's a pain finding someone to do it for me.

Bike Although I didn't do any cycling until Thursday, this week was all about the bike. Holy crap. I biked 11.5 hours from Thursday - Saturday, including doing my first century in a cold rain on the brutal IMLP course. And the other two rides? Hill repeats and an easy ride. On HILLS. I need it though - the bike is my weakness and IMLP is a tough, tough bike course.

Run Did a 15 miler this week for only the second time ever, matching my longest run. Otherwise pretty quiet on that front. Running is my comfort zone so aside from the weekly long run I take it pretty easy in that regard.

My total training time was a whopping 19.5 hours. CRAZY. Especially with a full-time job.

So now I'm in my last rest week. Next time I finish a build, it'll be taper time, which is a truly scary thought. Ironman is such a big, scary beast I feel like I need several more months to prepare! LOL!


doreen said...

I've been stalking your blog for awhile and thought I'd finally say hi!
Thanks for all you share! I always enjoy your writing! Can't wait to follow you at IMPL!

Mike said...

Your training has been really consistent. Less than two months to go and you'll be an Ironman or Ironwoman :-).