Saturday, June 02, 2012

Shave and a Haircut

Thanks to this week's smashfest brick (Century ride followed by 4 mile run) being delayed until tomorrow thanks to "Oh My God Are You KIDDING Me?!?" winds, I have time to write up this post that I meant to do over a month ago. About 4 years ago I donated my waist-length hair to Locks of Love. And by "donated" I mean "cut above the ears." I've been growing it out since then - mainly because my hair grows so fast that I don't have time to head to the hairdresser's every month to keep it in any semblance of a style, but it was back to halfway down my back and I was literally tearing swimcaps trying to stuff it all in there. It was time for a change:
Pre-cut hair. Black hair-dye is from a supposedly "temporary" color for Halloween. I brought in this photo for my stylist to work with:
And after a few tweaks I had this:
I was left with an impressive amount of hair to donate, and this DOESN'T include the huge mass of hair around the chair that we couldn't save.
It actually weighed .6 lbs but changed when I took the pic. Made a nice little packet and mailed it off to Locks of Love:
It's been MUCH easier to train with the shorter hair, although as usual with my "grows like a weed" hair, it's already in my eyes again. Sigh.


Mike said...

That's cool that you donate your hair! I would think you would want to chop it off again for IMLP just to have one less thing to deal with unless you are comfortable with a poney tail.

PipTook said...

Thanks! Well, it's still pretty short - definitely won't be ponytail-length by IMLP, but my bangs ARE getting in my eyes when I wear my bike helmet.