Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Week Six

I know...no pictures lately, just quick write-ups of my weeks and the occasional Friday Film. It's funny - it's not that I'm too busy - well, work is crazy but my training volume is still pretty low - I just don't have much to say or pretty pictures to show. I'm hitting the pool, the trainer, and half the time the treadmill this time of year. Not very picturesque. especially with us having a very rare snowless gray and brown winter.

Finished up my last build before CowTown. The good news is my swim and bike went really well. Third time was the charm for the Wednesday Killer Interval Session on the trainer. FINALLY completed it. Swimming's been going, well, swimmingly as well.

But the run. OH the run. As a triathlete, you're always going to go through phases of one discipline or another being "off", but first off, running is my STRENGTH and what moves me up from "straggler" to "back of the pack." Plus, my next race is, you know, a HALF MARATHON. With PR ATTEMPT. I had two key running sessions: a track session with my first 400s in almost three years, and a 13 mile run with tempo intervals. Neither went well. However, both were done on EXTREMELY loaded and fatigued legs.

I just keep telling myself that the reason for this is that I'm just starting my build for swim and bike, so of COURSE I'm seeing gains, while I've been training hard in running all off-season and peaking for Cowtown, so of COURSE my times are falling off. I know this, but it is still hard to watch.

Anyway, now begins my two week taper, with lots of swimming, easy biking, and tapering the run. I know I'll be ready to kick it in two weeks.

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