Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Week Five

Yikes, never wrote up my Week Five thoughts.

It was a rough week, I won't kid. Although I wasn't tired or anything (I actually logged into TrainingPeaks on Sunday and was disappointed that this week wouldn't really be any more volume-wise.)

What was rough was that I was having really lackluster training sessions in all three disciplines: My swim times were pretty darn slow with a couple truly awful splits, my cycling was mediocre and I once again couldn't finish Wednesdays Two Hour Hill Simulation Trainer Ride of Pain, and my running, blech all week, culminated in a total meltdown during my 11.6 mile run outside. (First outdoor long run in at least a month.)

Ending on that awful long-run was a definite blow mentally with CowTown only being three weeks (well, now 2.5) weeks away. I considered that my key workout of the week and I just didn't hit it, which leaves me wondering if the treadmill running just doesn't work for me. I have one last 13-miler on Sunday before I start tapering and the weather (Highs in the single digits) is really looking like I'm not going to be able to do it outdoors. (What kills is that it was 34 and sunny with no wind today and I had a freakin' trainer ride.)

So, rough week, but at least I'm handling the volume so far.

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Mike said...

Your training is looking great! You've had consistently high volume with little down time. I think you will be surprised at how well you do at Cow Town with a proper taper. Can't wait to read about it.