Friday, February 03, 2012

SHOES! (And Friday Film #14? I think?)

What girl doesn't love to talk about shoes? Last night I got a call from the local sports store that the Kinvaras they were SUPPOSED to order for me two weeks ago never got ordered because their shoe person (a true guru named Sally) slipped on the ice and broke her hip.

While I like Sally and feel bad, that kinda left me high and dry. I love my Kinvaras, but 225 miles and they were DONE. "Starting to get shin splint-y pains" done. (Not surprising since I blow through "pillow shoes" in only 300. You'd think I was a 6'4" Clydesdale, not a 110 lb girl.)

Anyway, at about 5:00 I ordered from Zappo's Running Site. I even got my Kinvara's on sale! I figured I'd get them Monday or maybe tomorrow if I was lucky, but believe it or not, look what was waiting for me after my 11:00 meeting:

The fun thing about the Kinvara 2's is that they come in like a bazillion colors. I picked pink and black. Aren't they hot?

And from the side:

Oh, and if you're running the Cowtown Half Marathon, this is the only view you'll get:

That's right, smack-talking starts NOW.

Oh, and for anyone who thought I was exaggerating about the weight of my trail runners with YakTrax. They actually weighed 1.8 last time.

Finally, a Friday Film for you. The Rock doing an awesomely spot-on Ahnold impersonation:

(Apologies for the soundtrack being so ridiculously off from the visuals.)


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Sweet looking shoes!

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