Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Week Four

I have officially finished my first month of IMLP training. Woohoo!

Week four was heavy on the run, medium on the swimming, and light on the bike. (Only 3.5 paltry hours in the trainer.)

Swimming went okay. I did 6K, the most swimming I've done in a while. (Shut up.) I could REALLY feel it in my arms during the second session, which was PAINFUL.

Biking was nearly nonexistent. However, my next race IS a half-marathon and my coach feels bad giving me too much trainer time. I DID have a long, tough, interval session on Wednesday that fried my legs. I actually couldn't finish the intervals and had to end with an Oly effort ride.

Running has been AWESOME. I finished up the week with a 10 mile treadmill run with only :20 seconds/mile pace slower than goal race pace.

So, another good week of training under the belt. Woohoo!

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Mike said...

Nicely done! Your training has been really consistent. Keep it up!