Sunday, January 01, 2012


2012. When I said I'd do IMLP 2012 after watching it in 2009, I never imagined it would get here that quickly. I know it's still almost seven months away, but just being in the same calendar year as Ironman is frightening indeed.

So, I spent a lot of October and November with very minimal training - I'm pretty sure my bike on its trainer literally gathered dust. December saw a bit of increase, but it's still been pretty low-key. Add that to taking most of the month off from work in an attempt to use up all my vacation time, and you have one hot-to-trot triathlete.

2011 was a rebuilding of my run fitness and my confidence as I came back from a disastrous 2010 season that consisted of 2 HIM DNFs and a season-ending injury forcing a DNS of my last race of the year. I didn't set any speed records this year, especially at the beginning, but by the end of the season I had completed my first HIM, set a PR at the Mini-Tri, and worked my way up from "Straggler" to "Back of the Pack." (And seriously, it is SO much nicer to have company out there. I was all alone for pretty much all of Tinman.)

2012 will be all about Ironman, obviously, but I am also hoping to set another Mini-Tri PR, finally breaking that elusive 1:20 barrier and maybe even set a HIM or Oly PR. (Which shouldn't be too hard since I've only done one of each.) I'm also looking forward to my marathon debut in October. Mohawk-Hudson was such a beautiful (and FAST) course I want to see the full 24.2 this time.

So, onward with the New Year we go. As people return to work from the holidays, my training ramps up, and the days lengthen I am coming out of my slumber.

Next Stop: PR attempt at CowTown.

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Mike said...

You've had a really solid year! I look forward to following along on your Ironman journey this year.

PS. Did you mean 26.2 on the marathon?