Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Last OWS of the Year

(Obviously yet another delayed post since autumn weather starts at the beginning of September around here)

Well, the last triathlon of the year is finished and that means it's the changing of the guard, where trainers (turbos) are set up and pools re-entered after a summer of riding on the open road and swimming in the lake.

First up - the last swim of the year. It came surprisingly late this year. Just as we had an early spring, we had a late fall. It is about a week from Thanksgiving and we STILL don't have any snow on the ground, which is unheard of.

Anyway, Dr. Z. and I went for our last swim in the lake around mid-September. It was going to be a short one - the water was really cooled by Hurricane Katrina, but the air was warm. Although the water felt REALLY cold at first, I felt great once I got going. My fingers were a little cold, but that was about it. I was soon in my own little aquatic world, watching the trout swim under me. The air was still and the sun was warm and I just didn't want to get out, but after 30 minutes Dr. Z was on the shore waiting for me.

So, off came the wetsuit and I stopped to take pictures so that I don't forget the beauty I'm surrounded by everyday. This is my pool, people:

And for one last time, the wetsuits were hung on the front porch with care:

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