Sunday, November 13, 2011

Equipment Changes

As everyone knows, we triathletes LOVE our gear. Whether it's a power meter, the latest compression wear, or a new Garmin, it all makes us hot. Although I've always been a minimalist runner (shoes, cotton shorts and old race t-shirt, wristwatch, done.), there's been a few equipment changes around here over the past few months:

1.) New Road Bike Seat

I had been riding mostly my tri bike all season, but my stupid spill in T2 at one of the Mini-Tris (fell because my shoe clipped back in during my dismount, causing me to take the bike with me when I tried to step off the pedal), necessitated a long time in the shop for poor little Roo. I rediscovered Beauty and fell in love with her all over again.

Unfortunately, my love was returned with a nasty saddle sore. After a long talk with the bike shop guys, I brought in BOTH bikes for comparison and they found the root of the problem:

A nasty wrinkle had developed in the side of my otherwise lovely Terry Butterfly. I replaced her with the same saddle on my tri bike, a Terry FalconX . The old saddle was literally coming apart underneath anyway, with the glue coming away, which surprised me since it was only two years old, but the problem was solved.

2.) New Shoes!

Usually new running shoes wouldn't exactly be something to write about, but I made a pretty drastic change. After years in the most cushiony, pillowy shoes I could find (Saucony Progrid Rides for the past 3 or so years), I switched it up. After none of the local shops had my ProGrid Rides, one of them suggested I give the Kinvara a try. I got on the treadmill and ran them hard and liked them. After gradually upping the distance in them, they DEFINITELY agree with me. Who thought I could get by with this minimalist a shoe? They look freaking sweet too. Check it:

No, I don't wear them outside of running. But I *could.* Look how great they look with jeans!

3.) And this is a big one...NEW BIKE!


Isn't she a beaut? Madone 4.7. I had been drooling over her all summer long, but at over $2600, she was out of the budget. However, end of the season brings end-of-season sales. She was marked down to $2300 and I talked the guy down to $2200. Between that, being able to strip everything (saddle, pedals, etc.) off of Beauty and not having to buy any add-ons, and (once Spring comes) selling Beauty, I could totally make it work. I do believe I have found my IMLP bike. Now I just have to ride her lots and become worthy of her.

Side View

Front View

Components. Yes, they're Shimano 105s. Feel free to buy me SRAM Red. ;-D

So yes, it's been exciting around here.

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Mike said...

Wow, sounds like an early Christmas! Sweet new ride!