Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Toughest Bike Ride Ever

Saturday's long run went uneventfully, which is more than I can say for the epicness that was Sunday's brick.

First off, despite forecasts to the contrary (which is WHY I switched my run and brick days IN THE FIRST PLACE), the weather SUCKED. It was cold, windy and dark overcast. Not exactly "Let's get out there and hammer on the bike all day" weather. Lance himself would have said "Fuck this shit" and gone back to bed.

So, Dr. Z and I drag ourselves out to Tupper Lake to ride the course yet again. We're almost 6 miles in and going down the screaming descent that is Heartbreak Hill on the way back when I feel a "thunk" in the back and my bike drops. I have absolutely NO control and am on the ground before I know it. On the ground, thanks to the swerving out-of-control bike, in the middle of Route 3, a country highway with a posted speed limit of 55 and an unposted speed of about 65-70.

Amazingly enough:

1.) There weren't any cars behind me.
2.) I only suffered a scraped knee despite the fact I was going 27 MPH.
3.) Dr. Z was still with me (he was going to turn back in another 4 miles and I was going to be unsupported the rest of the ride).

I got myself out of the road and found the problem. My rear wheel had come the FUCK OFF MY FRAME. Detached. The only reason it hadn't gone flying into the other lane is because the chain held it to the bike.

So we eased back up Heartbreak Hill after re-attaching the wheel and I drove directly to the bike shop. The guy looked at it for almost an hour and he's still not sure why that happened. I will say that from now on checking the skewers will be part of my pre-ride routine. Damn.

So anyway, I still have 45 miles to put in, so since it's already 2 p.m. and I'm SLOOOOOOW on the bike, I don't have time to go back out to Tupper. I decide to do one loop down to Wilmington and back and a second shorter loop long enough to get the rest of the milage. I get out there and I'm already out of sorts because my knee hurts and I hate having my plans go awry. Then the wind picks up and it's one of those crosswinds that feel like a headwind no matter which direction you're biking in. My legs hurt so much and I just can't keep my HR down. Some tears were indeed shed.

I finish up the bike and hand it off to my dear sweet boyfriend for cleaning while I put the 1.5 mile run cherry on top. I get back and he says "Did you know your brake cable needs to be loosened? The rear brake has been rubbing in the "closed" position."

Unbelievable. Nasty fall, nasty crosswind, and nasty rubbing brakes. At least I'll be ready for whatever Tinman day throws at me.

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BreeWee said...

sheesh, glad you made it through that spill with mimimal damage! I wrote you back about the blender under your comment before I found your blog to respond here... take care!!