Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rest Week Rehab

The past two days have been spent getting pampered. (At least, what an athlete considers "pampering.")

Yesterday morning I headed over to the chiropractor for my monthly adjustment. It actually didn't take too long since he didn't see any real problems except for my left shoulder/upper back, which is always an issue.

After that, it was core work, a light 15 mile bike that ended up being waaaaaay more interesting than it should have been thanks to the spring winds, and teaching Karate after work. (Really fun - we did bo kata and empty-hand kata - some of my favorite things!)

Today I had absolutely NOTHING on my schedule except for my monthly massage. That's right: No swimbikerun, no core or weight work, not even a Karate class to teach. I'm only halfway through the week and I'm starting to bounce back from feeling "beat up" to "beginning to get antsy and climb the walls." I keep it low-key by looking at next week's Monster Schedule of Pain every time I'm tempted to do a "little extra."

And that massage? Amazing. Not to shill for a second blog entry in a row, but Tim at Balanced Bodywork and Massage has the magic hands and should be charging twice what he does. Definitely look him up if you need someone in the Lake Placid area.

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