Saturday, January 01, 2011

Back in 2011!

Happy New Year Everyone! Hope it was good. I know I really neglected my blog last year, so am hoping to do better this year.

To kick things off, I have some great mud photos. We're experiencing a winter thaw, so Beast has been dusted off and taken outside.

Front View:

I think I have mud in my teeth.

Even more impressive, the back view (and not just because of my fine Cuban ass...hahahaha...)

I literally had mud in my hair. Took forever to wash out.

Well, it's warm again today, so another bike ride might be called for. If I get out there, it'll mean that I made it through January without missing a month of outdoor riding, a true accomplishment up here in the tundra.


Simply Unpredictable said...

It takes forever to wash anything out of your hair! I mean, you have like 8 pounds of hair now! (I miss when you were 23 pounds of hair)

PipTook said...

LOL! Yep, I keep saying I'm going to cut it off again (It's also near-impossible to get under a swimcap at this point), but I'm really having fun with long hair.