Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Last Outdoor Ride of the Year

It was an unseasonal 55 and sunny today, so I took Beauty out for one last ride before hooking her up to the trainer. It was a beautiful ride, but the purple of my toes when I got back convinced me that it was the end, especially since it's going to be 40's and cloudy after today.

My pace was ridiculously slow - couldn't even hold a 15 average I'm ashamed to say. It was a combination of many things - being out of shape (I've barely been riding because of the weather), the nasty wind, and my windsail-like bike jacket. (I really DO need to find one that's closer-cut.)

Slowness aside, it was great to get out there one last time. I'd complain, but I had the trainer set up about three weeks earlier last year, so not bad at all. it Spring yet? ;-D


Ryan said...

Don't be a wimp. ;) Layers is the key! I HATE trainer rides. Once it gets to below freezing, I pack it up and head inside.

PipTook said...

LOL! In all fairness, I have Reynaud's in my toes, so I have to be very careful. The fact that they were purple means it is time. The rest of me actually was pretty comfortable.