Thursday, November 05, 2009

Great Wintery Run

Yesterday Dr. Z and I hit the pool again. I did 3x400 and came up with my usual ten minute-ish times. At the end, one of the local trainers who was leading a water aerobics class said, "You guys were working hard. I could make you so much more efficient. I'll bring a card to Karate." (Her kid takes classes.) It was like we were painful for her to watch, LOL. Dr. Z got there too late to grab her before the end of the kid's class, but I'm hoping to stop by the gym and pick up a card - I'd love to take lessons from her.

Last night's Karate class was pretty good. It was a TINY class - the flu is just rampaging through town right now. Half the people there were black belts. We worked sai for a while, then did conditioning drills, tae sabak drills, and a little bunkai. No sparring, but I think it was because the class was too small.

Today was my long run. It was AWESOME! 35 and no wind - perfect running weather for me. I covered almost 6.75 miles in an hour. Yay! I don't even feel wiped from it.

It's weird only doing one workout today, but no teaching Kid's Class because of Business After Hours. Must network!

Tomorrow is swimming, biking, and Karate.

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