Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Swam over a MILE!

You read that right. After an awesome 4.5 mile run this morning, I swam 2000 meters in 55:12. That's 1.14 MILES. How cool is that?

TrainerChick was there after teaching a water aerobics class, and unbidden gave me a tip on how to rotate to breathe without using my kick, so yet another form issue solved.

My average was 2:46/100, which sound pathetic, but I was still working out form issues in the first 500, hit my peak of 13:16 in the second 500, did the third 500 in 13:51 and had to fight both fatigue and a nasty foot cramp in the last 500, coming in at 14:05. So, I know I can do even better next time. I'll start with hitting under 55:00 and go from there.


Monday, November 23, 2009

Training Back on Track

Training for the Tinman is finally back on track...for now. A second business trip, this time to L.A., may very well derail it, but I'll enjoy it while I can.

Saturday I swam for 1250 yards, doing a 200 yard warmup, 10x100, and then 50 yards to cool down. I left my watch home again, but stayed ahead of the woman next to me, which made me feel good.

That evening I did another speed workout, this timeon the trainer. 45 minutes of awesome pain.

Sunday was a much-needed day off.

Today I did my long bike - 90 minutes at a heartrate of around 140. My legs were all wobbly when I got off!

Tomorrow is a long swim (2000 YARDS!) and a run. After that, failure may come again as the stupid pool is closed Wednesday - Sunday for the holiday. Suckage.

Friday, November 20, 2009

First Swim Lesson, Great Long Run

Tuesday's swim lesson went really well. It was held in the endless pool, so TrainerChick was able to stand next to me and correct my form as I swam. Turns out I have good body position, but it goes to hell when I breathe, so I worked on rolling my entire body and tucking my chin in to breathe. Also, I was forcing the kick, so I worked on that as well. (TrainerChick: "Think mermaid!")

I ran on the treadmill right after since I was at the gym and boy was that a mistake. Had a terrible run. I do seem to remember that the treadmill I used is set a bit fast, so that might have been the issue.

Wednesday I got on the trainer for an hour easy. Kept the heart rate in the 130s. I find the monitor keeps me honest on the trainer since I can't measure distance. I was supposed to run after, but was SO exhausted from staying up late the night before that I bagged both that and Karate.

Yesterday was back to the pool to put what I had learned on Tuesday to practice. Unfortunately I was actually SLOWER than before. I know that I have to slow down to make corrections, but it was still very frustrating. Dr. Z suggested that I leave the watch at home for now and I'm going to use that advice. My plan goes by distance for swimming anyway. I'll start timing myself when the changes have been incorporated smoothly.

Today's long run went much better, which was nice. (Hey, I may not be much on the bike or swim yet, but dammit I can run.) I ran 6:75 miles in an hour despite a cold rain and a nasty headwind on the way back. It was definitely a "mental toughness" day, but I was rewarded by my fastest hour-long run in ages.

Tomorrow is a speed session at the pool and 45 minutes of intervals on the bike trainer. Sunday will be a much-deserved rest day with much watching of the football.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Back to Work(ing Out)

Lost of last week due to illness WHILE being at a work conference. Blech!

Anyway, finally getting back into it. I did 45 minutes easy on the trainer last night, which went well. Followed that up with 3.5 miles at an 8:43 pace this morning. I'm hoping to do another hour easy on the trainer after work, but am losing steam fast.

Tomorrow is my first swim lesson. I am so excited! Hopefully I can start to fix all my form issues and because if not fast, at least efficient in the water. Yay! Also will be running 3.5 miles easy again.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Great Wintery Run

Yesterday Dr. Z and I hit the pool again. I did 3x400 and came up with my usual ten minute-ish times. At the end, one of the local trainers who was leading a water aerobics class said, "You guys were working hard. I could make you so much more efficient. I'll bring a card to Karate." (Her kid takes classes.) It was like we were painful for her to watch, LOL. Dr. Z got there too late to grab her before the end of the kid's class, but I'm hoping to stop by the gym and pick up a card - I'd love to take lessons from her.

Last night's Karate class was pretty good. It was a TINY class - the flu is just rampaging through town right now. Half the people there were black belts. We worked sai for a while, then did conditioning drills, tae sabak drills, and a little bunkai. No sparring, but I think it was because the class was too small.

Today was my long run. It was AWESOME! 35 and no wind - perfect running weather for me. I covered almost 6.75 miles in an hour. Yay! I don't even feel wiped from it.

It's weird only doing one workout today, but no teaching Kid's Class because of Business After Hours. Must network!

Tomorrow is swimming, biking, and Karate.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

New Tri Plan

My new Half-Ironman training program is going well so far. Did a long swim yesterday. I'm still slow, but getting better.

Last night's Karate class was wonderfully low-key, which I needed after a hard run and a hard swim. We did some sai, conditioning drills, and self-defense.

Ran again this morning - First time I've run two days in a row in a long time. It was a slow, easy run though - 3.2 miles in 30 minutes. Will be doing 45 minutes easy on the bike later today.

Tomorrow is a swim and Karate class. Easy!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Good Run

Did a 40 minute Z3 run this morning. Zone 3 unfortunately is just under a 9:00 pace nowadays, but I know that I'll get my speed back now that I'm running regularly again. I went about 4.53 miles. It felt great - I love running in the cold!

Looking forward to swimming during lunch. Have a 1500 yd set scheduled. It'll be the first time I've ever swam anywhere near that far without stopping, so it should be interesting.

Tonight is Karate. Really looking forward to that as well after missing last week completely.

Yep, that's three workouts today. Phew!