Thursday, October 29, 2009

Unscheduled Day Off and New Plan

Ended up taking yesterday off, not even going to Karate. The car was in the shop all day and my period had just started, leaving me wiped. Thanks Mother Nature! (NOT!)

On a positive note, I'm starting a new training plan that's geared for Half Ironman. That's right, I'm doing Tinman in June! Haven't signed up yet because of money, but will soon. It's actually slightly more than a half IM, at 70.7 miles instead of 70.3. (The run is long, according to the website.) I think I'll be truly excited and nervous once I actually sign up...yikes!

Hitting the pool after work...can't wait! (Assuming it's not crowded...downside of going after work instead of during lunch.)

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