Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tri Training Goes On

Not much new...been swimming and biking. Finally started to ease back into running on the treadmill, which my foot hasn't complained about so far. Getting a new pair of trainers didn't hurt.

Pool is going well. I can do 50 yards in 1:06, which is an improvement but I can't hold the pace for long. I've been going with Dr. Z., who can speed right by me in the next lane. My only solace is the fact that he burns out fast.

Biking is still about the same. I keep forgetting to pump up my tire a bit. It's way too soft - to the point where the resistance on the trainer is being affected.

Hoping to hit the gym today for a short run on the treadmill and some weight work. That is, if I can get my car back from the garage. (If only it were a bit warmer - I'd just bike over.)

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