Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Splashing Around in the Pool

Yesterday's pool workout went great! No wait for a lane; in fact, at one point I had the entire pool to myself.

The main part of my workout was 10x100 @3:00. I shocked myself and hit a couple 2:35'a. INSANE! (At least for me. I know a decent triathlete goes at sub-1:45 or at least sub-2:00) I had to stop at eight, but still. Between that, warmup, and cooldown I swam a total of 1600 yards. That's right - a mile! Sweet!

Did 75 minutes on the trainer this morning. Kept it fairly light since it was an endurance workout. It felt good, although that long on a trainer is mind-numbing, even with HGTV on.

Hoping to hit the gym later for weights and core.

Tomorrow: MORE swimming! And Karate!


Pamela Jaye said...

your posts sound like a teaser for the Olympics! (well, at least at the end)

PipTook said...'re right. Never thought of it that way.