Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Too Busy to Blog

Yeah, sorry about that.

Still working the 3x Balanced Sprint program. Only missed one day so far - a 20 minute run that I just couldn't work around Sunday's 27 mile paddle. I did do an extra bike on Saturday though, because...

I BOUGHT A ROAD BIKE! I love her and have so far only crashed once while clipped in. Dr. Z had to order his, but bought clipless pedals for his hybrid. I'm still not comfortable taking her full speed, but I'm hoping to do so tomorrow.

I also swam in my new wetsuit for the first time last night. It went great - helped me float AND kept me warm despite the cold air temperature. (In fact, I was a bit overheated while swimming.) The only downside is that I can't zip it up by myself.

Paddling: The last Sundowner went really well - we had a sprint finish and just BARELY beat out this other couple. Didn't hit a PR, but there was a NASTY headwind. As mentioned, Saturday was our last tough workout - 27 mile "group" paddle that ended up just being us by ourselves because we were between groups.

So that's what's going on. Tonight will be a very light, easy paddle. Tomorrow is bike, swim, and Karate.

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