Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rest Day...Mostly

Today would usually be a bike day for me, but seeing as it's 37 and alternating between rain, sleet, and snow, I'm thinking I'll take my first rest day in ages. Afraid once the front wheel wedge for my bike arrives, it's time to take her to the shop for one final tuneup, buy a trainer wheel, and put her in the living room for the winter. I can always take out Beast for a spin if it's nice.

Of course, I DO have Karate tonight, but it should be pretty low-key since they had sparring on Monday. Hope we get to work sai some more! (Or actually bo - I'm starting to get a little rusty!)

Tomorrow will be a long run, hopefully in better weather. Also helping to teach Thursday kid's class.


Val said...

Wow, that temperature is ungodly no matter which scale you use. Enjoy the rest!

PipTook said...

Yep. I actually woke up to snow ON THE GROUND this morning. Very depressing.