Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Back to Tri

Now that the 90-Miler is over, I've been able to refocus on triathlon training.

I've actually been mostly biking and just getting more comfortable being clipped in. I'm getting much better, really. I had the seat adjusted, which made all the difference. Mr. Z got me a mirror, which is great to have. I actually hit 30.4 MPH going down the hill to River Road, which is cool.

Went running today and did a ten minute warmup run followed by 4x30 second strides. It went pretty well, although it was very short. I have an hour-long run scheduled on Thursday, so I should finally get some time on my feet then.

Found out today that Dr. Z. got me a trainer for my birthday. Yay! The bikes at the gym are very nice, but don't adjust for me well. Plus there's nothing like being on one's own bike. (Not to mention the convenience factor.)

Tomorrow will be a 75 minute bike ride and Karate if I have time to bike during the day.


Steve Stenzel said...

A properly adjusted seat is HUGE!! And congrats on the trainer!! Bring on winter!!

Oh wait... not yet...

And I'm glad you liked my "tris get me sexed up" comment on BT! ;)

PipTook said...

Yep - as I like to say, my happy parts are happy again.

Ugh...tell be about it. I'm psyched to try out my new toy but it's supposed to snow on Thursday and I'm just not ready for it yet.