Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Ack! So much going on!

Been tapering for the 90-miler, which starts in THREE DAYS! Yikes! Did the Round the Mountain route (10 miles) at a very slow, easy pace on Saturday. Definitely getting the tapering itch. One lap easy around Mirror Lake tonight and then it's off to the races. Eeep!

Tri training is going great. Did my longest bike ride ever, 15 miles, yesterday. Dr. Z is letting me use his old bike computer, so I now have exact distances, current speed, and average speed. It's awesome. Averaged 16.3 yesterday. Definitely have to work on that to be competitive.

Major breakthrough in swimming. I was getting frustrated with my slow speed that didn't seem to be improving, so I gave up on recording speed/distance and just went by time for a while, also getting used to my wetsuit. My swims FELT let they were finally going well, but still slow. However, yesterday I decided to go back to using the 200m buoy and measuring my speed. To my shock, I did the first 400 in a PR-blasting 11:10 and the second 400 in a second-best 12:18. Yay!

The one downside is that I'm losing my running fitness due to only running a few miles every week lately. My ankle is finally well-rested, but I've paid for it. Will be bumping my running mileage back up in order to be ready for the Stride for Pride race on the 27th. Thank God it's only a 5K!

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