Thursday, August 06, 2009

Tough Day

Tuesday totally kicked my ass. After the run and the swim, Dr. Z and I put in 8.5 miles of paddling hard. I slept like an absolute rock and woke up the next morning not sore, but worn out.

On a postive note, before the paddle, I bought my first ever wetsuit at High Peaks Cyclery. It took me over 15 minutes to get the damn thing on, but it fit great. They were having a 25% off sale on all wetsuits, so I was able to get a much higher quality suit than planned for only about $25 more than I was originally planning on spending.

I did my usual 12.2 mile bike ride in the morning. I was tired and there was a nasty wind, but I managed to keep it over a 15 mph pace at a time of 48:30. I was supposed to go swimming while Dr. Z was at Hapkido, but was waaaaay too beat. I listened to my body and rested until Karate.

Karate was a low-key class, which I expected. I spent the first 45 minutes teaching kata and then doing some review of my own. Sensei then spent most of the rest of the class talking about his trip to Okinawa. We also learned that we had all been tying our belts incorrectly. Poor Dr. Z. nearly blew a fuse trying to figure it out.

Today was another tempo run since there's no way I can do speedwork yet on this ankle. Did three miles in 24:31 again, but paced much better this time, running negative splits. Tonight will be swimming with my new wetsuit with Dr. Z. and then an easy lap around Mirror Lake in the canoe.

Tomorrow? A 30 mile paddle down Long Lake, doing the second day of the 90-miler. HELP!

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