Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Scoping out the Tri pt. 2

Went to the mini-tri again last night. There were a ton of beginners there - made me wish I had done it. I actually would probably have not been the last person in. Made me decide to do next week's, which is the last of the year.

Saturday I explored the bike course of the tri, and today I decided to check out the run course. Luckily they gave out good enough directions last night that I was able to follow it this morning. I completed it in 24:24, which is doing good whether it's 3 miles or 5K.

I'm hoping to do an easy swim this afternoon, but that might be unrealistic with the Sundowner canoe time trial tonight. We'll see.

Tomorrow starts my taper for Saturday's 5K. I'll definitely be swimming and going to Karate. Bike work remains to be seen. If I do it, I'll be going easy.

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