Friday, August 21, 2009

Last Fun Run of the Year

Last night was the last Fun Run of the year. Boo! It's always so sad - Fun Runs, Sundowners and Mini-Tris all end within a week of each other, so it's like saying goodbye to summer. Usually everyone disperses right after the fun runs, but there was a lot of loitering last night - I think everyone feels like I do.

Last night we did the Kiwassa out and back route. I elected to do the three-mile option instead of four because I really wasn't feeling well. As it turned out I made the right choice - it was also very humid and my legs were sore from biking on Wednesday.

With the Mini-Tri done and over with, it's time to focus on paddling. Tonight will be three or so laps around Mirror Lake, and tomorrow we'll be doing Day Three of the 90-Miler, which is about 20 miles or so.

Also today - Friday night Karate and (maybe) swimming.

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