Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Great Swim, Okay Tempo Run

Yesterday's swim went great - 300 meters in 9:15. It was a nice break after a not-so-good bike earlier in the day. I'm hoping to get out to the sprint tri buoy for 400 meters later today. That's the one thing holding me back from trying a sprint.

Speaking of which, Dr. Z. and I skipped Karate to watch the mini-tri last night. It was tons of fun - EltonJohn, IronDad and IronKid all competed and did great. IronMom is still trying to build up enough base to get back into it.

This morning's tempo run went pretty well considering that my ankle started bothering me again and I've barely run the past month. Three miles in 24:30. It's way off my times last year, but what the hell. I definitely won't be PRing again in Olga this year.

Anyway, I'm going to try for 400 meters of swimming this afternoon, and then it's a long paddle with Dr. Z. this evening since there's no Sundowner this week.

Tomorrow will be bike, swim, and Karate. Sensei will be freshly back from Okinawa, which should make class interesting.

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