Friday, August 14, 2009

Gearing Up to Tri

Tuesday night's Sundowner went really well. We were only 12 seconds off our PR time despite a nasty headwinds (magically) both ways.

Wednesday I did my first brick ever. 10 mile bike followed by 1 mile run. Wow. Tough. My legs could barely move the first half mile. I was all proud of myself until Dr. Z mentioned his daughter (also just starting tri but currently a pro runner and gifted swimmer) doing a 18 mile bike/5 mile run brick. Sigh.

Wednesday night's Karate class was pretty good. We did a lot of self defense and also Kata.

Thursday I swam the mini-tri course again, doing the 400 meters in 13:44, a big improvement over last week. Last night's Fun Run was good - I did the 4.1 mile course in an easy 37:24. (Well, it WOULD have been easy if it hadn't been so hot and humid out.)

This morning's swim went even better - I did the course in 13:31, shaving another 13 seconds off my time.

Tonight will be an easy lap around the lake in the canoe, followed by a low-key Karate class.

Tomorrow is the Olga Run, which I will be running easy (hey, it's for charity) in order to rest up for the MiniTri.

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