Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Final Prep for the 90-Miler and New Tri Plan

Saturday was our second-to-last long paddle before the 90-Miler. We did Day Three, just over 20 miles, in 4:06. So far it looks like we can adjust our original goal of 20 hours to closer to 18 hours. Yay!

Sunday we volunteered at XTerra. It had rained all night, making the bike and run course extra muddy for the competitors. It was a ton of fun - we were both pointers, and then I manned a run aid station while Dr. Z continued pointing. Dr. Z wants to do it someday, but I'm more of an on-road girl, at least when it comes to bike.

Monday I started Beginner Triathlete's "20 Week 3x Balanced Sprint" program as a start to increasing my endurance for tri. The first month is ridiculously easy on the bike and run (for me, anyway), which is perfect. It allows lots of extra energy to focus on paddling while allowing me to get my swim up to par.

So the first day called for a 24 minute bike (which was easy for me, like I said) in which I managed to cover six miles. I then did an afternoon "short" swim of 12 minutes. I'm getting more comfortable in the water, but not any faster. Managed 350 meters in that time.

Last night Sensei wasn't at Karate, so of course Sensei Sixpack had sparring. I sparred two rounds with Dr. Z and one round with one of the SkaterTwins. I am VERY unhappy with my sparring skills - must work that with Dr. Z at Friday night class.

Today's only workout called for a 12 minute run. Once again, easy. I upped the difficulty by aiming for an eight minute pace. I managed a 7:53 pace, so I was very happy with that. I haven't hit under eight much this season.

Tonight will be the last Sundowner (boo!), which with Fun Runs and Mini Tris already over signals the end of summer. Oh well. I'm kinda ready for the break, but kinda already can't wait for next season!

Tomorrow is a 32 minute bike in the morning with my longest swim ever (16 minutes) in the afternoon. Here's hoping I don't drown! LOL

In the evening is Karate, as always. We should be working Kata.

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