Monday, August 10, 2009

Busy Busy Busy!

Thursday night's swim was a bit of a disaster. It was the first time wearing my wetsuit (more on that later), which instead of making me faster like I thought it would, slowed me down. Mainly I wasn't used to wearing something so constricting while swimming and felt like I couldn't breathe. However, my suit was holding WAY too much water - we ended up going back to High Peaks Cyclery and exchanging it for an extra small. (Which took about 20 minutes for me to get into.) I'm a little leery of wetsuiting it up again - swimming's hard enough just in the swimsuit.

We ended up skipping the canoe lap around the lake since the swim and wetsuit exchange took so long.

Friday's 30.9 mile paddle was INTENSE. Only one carry at least. We did it in 6:37 despite getting completely lost at one point and having to spend a good while just sitting there trying to figure out where we were. We also had a NASTY crosswind all the way down Long Lake, which slowed us down.

Saturday we took it easy. We checked out the sprint tri bike route, which is 12.2 miles. It's tough though - a fun downhill bomb the first few miles, then rolling hills, and then a nasty climb back up to regain all that altitude. I also learned how to change my tires, as we put on my new slicks and thinner tubes.

Sunday was the St. Regis canoe race. We did good except for crapping out on the carry and came in first in our class. We were the third boat in out of 5 mixed stock boats.

Today's bike ride with the new tires went well - I managed a 47:50 time despite being sore and tired and there being a nasty wind.

Haven't decided on whether to swim today or not, but will definitely be spectating and cheering at the mini-tri tonight. There's only two left!

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