Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Final Prep for the 90-Miler and New Tri Plan

Saturday was our second-to-last long paddle before the 90-Miler. We did Day Three, just over 20 miles, in 4:06. So far it looks like we can adjust our original goal of 20 hours to closer to 18 hours. Yay!

Sunday we volunteered at XTerra. It had rained all night, making the bike and run course extra muddy for the competitors. It was a ton of fun - we were both pointers, and then I manned a run aid station while Dr. Z continued pointing. Dr. Z wants to do it someday, but I'm more of an on-road girl, at least when it comes to bike.

Monday I started Beginner Triathlete's "20 Week 3x Balanced Sprint" program as a start to increasing my endurance for tri. The first month is ridiculously easy on the bike and run (for me, anyway), which is perfect. It allows lots of extra energy to focus on paddling while allowing me to get my swim up to par.

So the first day called for a 24 minute bike (which was easy for me, like I said) in which I managed to cover six miles. I then did an afternoon "short" swim of 12 minutes. I'm getting more comfortable in the water, but not any faster. Managed 350 meters in that time.

Last night Sensei wasn't at Karate, so of course Sensei Sixpack had sparring. I sparred two rounds with Dr. Z and one round with one of the SkaterTwins. I am VERY unhappy with my sparring skills - must work that with Dr. Z at Friday night class.

Today's only workout called for a 12 minute run. Once again, easy. I upped the difficulty by aiming for an eight minute pace. I managed a 7:53 pace, so I was very happy with that. I haven't hit under eight much this season.

Tonight will be the last Sundowner (boo!), which with Fun Runs and Mini Tris already over signals the end of summer. Oh well. I'm kinda ready for the break, but kinda already can't wait for next season!

Tomorrow is a 32 minute bike in the morning with my longest swim ever (16 minutes) in the afternoon. Here's hoping I don't drown! LOL

In the evening is Karate, as always. We should be working Kata.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Last Fun Run of the Year

Last night was the last Fun Run of the year. Boo! It's always so sad - Fun Runs, Sundowners and Mini-Tris all end within a week of each other, so it's like saying goodbye to summer. Usually everyone disperses right after the fun runs, but there was a lot of loitering last night - I think everyone feels like I do.

Last night we did the Kiwassa out and back route. I elected to do the three-mile option instead of four because I really wasn't feeling well. As it turned out I made the right choice - it was also very humid and my legs were sore from biking on Wednesday.

With the Mini-Tri done and over with, it's time to focus on paddling. Tonight will be three or so laps around Mirror Lake, and tomorrow we'll be doing Day Three of the 90-Miler, which is about 20 miles or so.

Also today - Friday night Karate and (maybe) swimming.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tri Report

Okay, here goes. Warning: Looooooong post ahead. Get yourself a cup of coffee and a comfortable chair.

I was nervous all freakin' day. I could barely work or do anything. Never pick an evening tri as your first one, that's for sure.

FINALLY it was 5:30 and time to go. After rechecking my bag, we headed up to the lake. I registered and got marked and my swimcap. Dr. Z of course just had to take pictures of my numbers. I arranged and rearranged my transition area a million times, and even remembered to put my bike in the gear I wanted to start in.

Got in the water after the pre-race meeting and did a few quick strokes just to warm up the arms a bit. I also ate some Chomps and hydrated well since it was in the mid-eighties.

I placed myself in the back of the pack since I'm a ridiculously slow swimmer, and the horn sounded. I felt strong and fast...for two or three minutes. Then I couldn't catch my breath. I had gone out way too fast. I panicked and finally ended up holding on to the sweeper kayak for a few minutes. Even when I started swimming again my form was completely gone. The 400 meters took me a redonkulous 15 minutes and also cost me a lot of energy. Amazingly enough I was only the SECOND to last person out of the water.

T1 went fairly well...found out later that it took almost 3 minutes...way too slow. A lot of that was having to tie and double-knot my running shoes. Bike shoes will make that go faster next time.

Bike was pretty good, although not as fast as I hoped - 52 minutes and change. That's when I had to let my original goal of a sub-1:30 finish go. I did, however, pass four people on road bikes while on my heavy-duty mountain bike, some while going UPHILL. Can I mash or what?

T2 went REALLY fast since I didn't have to change shoes - just drop off my bike and helmet.

I was hoping to run an 8:00-8:15 pace, but it was not to be. My legs still had plenty of juice, but my only long training has been paddling and I had no endurance left. My stomach was getting that "Nay, nay not today" feeling it got at mile 12 of the half-marathon last year. I kept it to a 9:00 minute easy pace and just focused on not stopping. I managed to pass another four or five people nonetheless, which was cool.

When I was coming down the homestretch, IronKid (who had finished literally almost half an hour earlier) cheered me on from the lake. I finished in 1:35 and change with a huge grin on my face. That was the most fun I've ever had competiting!

Anyway, I've been fully bitten by the tri bug and can't wait to do it again!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Tri Tonight!

Olga Run was amazingly well - it was blistering hot and humid, yet I ran the three miles in 24:10 at a pretty easy RPE to win my AG. I can't believe it! I've had to haul ass to hit that pace this season and Saturday it didn't feel that hard even in the heat.

Yesterday I took it easy - 400m swim and practice getting on and off my bike quickly. Amazing the little details you have to think about in tri!

Anyway, I'm super nervous but also super excited for tonight's Mini-Tri. T-4 hours and counting!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Gearing Up to Tri

Tuesday night's Sundowner went really well. We were only 12 seconds off our PR time despite a nasty headwinds (magically) both ways.

Wednesday I did my first brick ever. 10 mile bike followed by 1 mile run. Wow. Tough. My legs could barely move the first half mile. I was all proud of myself until Dr. Z mentioned his daughter (also just starting tri but currently a pro runner and gifted swimmer) doing a 18 mile bike/5 mile run brick. Sigh.

Wednesday night's Karate class was pretty good. We did a lot of self defense and also Kata.

Thursday I swam the mini-tri course again, doing the 400 meters in 13:44, a big improvement over last week. Last night's Fun Run was good - I did the 4.1 mile course in an easy 37:24. (Well, it WOULD have been easy if it hadn't been so hot and humid out.)

This morning's swim went even better - I did the course in 13:31, shaving another 13 seconds off my time.

Tonight will be an easy lap around the lake in the canoe, followed by a low-key Karate class.

Tomorrow is the Olga Run, which I will be running easy (hey, it's for charity) in order to rest up for the MiniTri.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Scoping out the Tri pt. 2

Went to the mini-tri again last night. There were a ton of beginners there - made me wish I had done it. I actually would probably have not been the last person in. Made me decide to do next week's, which is the last of the year.

Saturday I explored the bike course of the tri, and today I decided to check out the run course. Luckily they gave out good enough directions last night that I was able to follow it this morning. I completed it in 24:24, which is doing good whether it's 3 miles or 5K.

I'm hoping to do an easy swim this afternoon, but that might be unrealistic with the Sundowner canoe time trial tonight. We'll see.

Tomorrow starts my taper for Saturday's 5K. I'll definitely be swimming and going to Karate. Bike work remains to be seen. If I do it, I'll be going easy.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Busy Busy Busy!

Thursday night's swim was a bit of a disaster. It was the first time wearing my wetsuit (more on that later), which instead of making me faster like I thought it would, slowed me down. Mainly I wasn't used to wearing something so constricting while swimming and felt like I couldn't breathe. However, my suit was holding WAY too much water - we ended up going back to High Peaks Cyclery and exchanging it for an extra small. (Which took about 20 minutes for me to get into.) I'm a little leery of wetsuiting it up again - swimming's hard enough just in the swimsuit.

We ended up skipping the canoe lap around the lake since the swim and wetsuit exchange took so long.

Friday's 30.9 mile paddle was INTENSE. Only one carry at least. We did it in 6:37 despite getting completely lost at one point and having to spend a good while just sitting there trying to figure out where we were. We also had a NASTY crosswind all the way down Long Lake, which slowed us down.

Saturday we took it easy. We checked out the sprint tri bike route, which is 12.2 miles. It's tough though - a fun downhill bomb the first few miles, then rolling hills, and then a nasty climb back up to regain all that altitude. I also learned how to change my tires, as we put on my new slicks and thinner tubes.

Sunday was the St. Regis canoe race. We did good except for crapping out on the carry and came in first in our class. We were the third boat in out of 5 mixed stock boats.

Today's bike ride with the new tires went well - I managed a 47:50 time despite being sore and tired and there being a nasty wind.

Haven't decided on whether to swim today or not, but will definitely be spectating and cheering at the mini-tri tonight. There's only two left!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Tough Day

Tuesday totally kicked my ass. After the run and the swim, Dr. Z and I put in 8.5 miles of paddling hard. I slept like an absolute rock and woke up the next morning not sore, but worn out.

On a postive note, before the paddle, I bought my first ever wetsuit at High Peaks Cyclery. It took me over 15 minutes to get the damn thing on, but it fit great. They were having a 25% off sale on all wetsuits, so I was able to get a much higher quality suit than planned for only about $25 more than I was originally planning on spending.

I did my usual 12.2 mile bike ride in the morning. I was tired and there was a nasty wind, but I managed to keep it over a 15 mph pace at a time of 48:30. I was supposed to go swimming while Dr. Z was at Hapkido, but was waaaaay too beat. I listened to my body and rested until Karate.

Karate was a low-key class, which I expected. I spent the first 45 minutes teaching kata and then doing some review of my own. Sensei then spent most of the rest of the class talking about his trip to Okinawa. We also learned that we had all been tying our belts incorrectly. Poor Dr. Z. nearly blew a fuse trying to figure it out.

Today was another tempo run since there's no way I can do speedwork yet on this ankle. Did three miles in 24:31 again, but paced much better this time, running negative splits. Tonight will be swimming with my new wetsuit with Dr. Z. and then an easy lap around Mirror Lake in the canoe.

Tomorrow? A 30 mile paddle down Long Lake, doing the second day of the 90-miler. HELP!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Great Swim, Okay Tempo Run

Yesterday's swim went great - 300 meters in 9:15. It was a nice break after a not-so-good bike earlier in the day. I'm hoping to get out to the sprint tri buoy for 400 meters later today. That's the one thing holding me back from trying a sprint.

Speaking of which, Dr. Z. and I skipped Karate to watch the mini-tri last night. It was tons of fun - EltonJohn, IronDad and IronKid all competed and did great. IronMom is still trying to build up enough base to get back into it.

This morning's tempo run went pretty well considering that my ankle started bothering me again and I've barely run the past month. Three miles in 24:30. It's way off my times last year, but what the hell. I definitely won't be PRing again in Olga this year.

Anyway, I'm going to try for 400 meters of swimming this afternoon, and then it's a long paddle with Dr. Z. this evening since there's no Sundowner this week.

Tomorrow will be bike, swim, and Karate. Sensei will be freshly back from Okinawa, which should make class interesting.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Major Catch-Up Time and a Big Announcement

Hey All!

I'm going to do a quick overview recap since it's been three weeks.

Track meet went great. Blasted through my goal by doing a true mile in 6:37. There were three of us in the over-18 division and I came in second.

Saranac Flatwater Challenge was last weekend. We didn't do that great, but okay. Not too many people showed up but at least the weather was absolutely beautiful - warm and sunny.

IronMan was absolutely awesome, which brings me to my big announcement:

I'm doing IronMan in 2012.

God help me.