Thursday, July 09, 2009

Updates, Getch'er Updates Here!

Here goes. *deep breath*

Thursday I skipped my pre-flight tempo run because my knee was really, really bothering me. I did, however, do a couple laps around Mirror Lake with Dr. Z so it wasn't a totally lazy day.

Friday I did a three mile walk-run in the heat with MomTook. Not the original plan, but some MORON had attempted to grease the squeaking treadmill, leaving OIL ALL OVER THE BELT. SO dangerous. Anyway, we headed out into the 95 degree, 95% humidity of the Gulf Coast summer and got it done.

Saturday we spent two freakin' hours looking for a damned track. We finally found ONE, but it was locked up tighter than Fort Knox. I ended up using the Pinellas Trail to do my speedwork. Much less exact, but what the hell. (And yes, the two-hour delay meant I didn't get started until after ten, which meant being in the heat AGAIN.)

Sunday was a day off. Left Florida, boohoo.

Monday was an easy four miles followed by Karate class. (In this case, LITERALLY followed by Karate class since I didn't have time to run during my lunchbreak.) We did Kata, which was awesome.

Tuesday was another 1600 meter time trail. I fell apart due to going out too fast - did the first lap in 1:37. What the hell. Made up for it by setting a new PR around Mirror Lake that night - broke 23:00! We then did two more laps, because we are awesome. Or insane.

Yesterday was a day off.

Tonight is a Fun Run. I shall post results later.

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