Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Tough Tuesday

Two grueling workouts yesterday. Glad I have today off to recover! (Of course, on Monday Sensei said we'd have sparring tonight, so it may not be much of a break after all.)

Started with my track workout. I did a 1600 meter time trial to see where I was at. Finished in 7:05. I'm ambivalent about that result - on the one hand, it's actually a 4 second faster pace than my 1500 last week, so yay. On the other hand, that is still not a great time, plus I know I have more speed than that. (I've run faster miles than that on the road during a 5K.)

Last night we had the third Sundowner of the year. Despite a strong headwind the entire way out, Dr. Z and I smashed our PR, coming in at an even 52 minutes. Yay!

So now I'm trying to recover and enjoying getting ready for a long weekend away in Florida. (Where yes, I will be doing my regular Saturday track workout at the school down the street from my mother. In the heat and humidity. Joy.)


Val said...

As always: wow!

Have fun in Florida, and good luck with that run! I'm becoming a fan of early mornings.

PipTook said...

Thanks! And...yeah. The good thing about repeats is I'll be running hard, but for only 400 meters at a time before gettting a break. Hopefully I won't get too overheated.