Friday, July 17, 2009

No More Sicky!

Well, the past two days ended up being a complete washout thanks to a bug I've been fighting off which left me completely drained of energy. I skipped Karate on Wednesday in favor of crashing on the couch, missing a good sparring class. Thursday I felt a bit better but decided to stay away from the Fun Run (which I was going to do as an easy run anyway) and take another day to heal up for the track meet. At least I didn't miss any quality workouts. (Aside from the sparring, which I really DO need to work on but wouldn't have taken part of anyway with a race this weekend.)

Today I'm back up to about 80 or 90% so I decided to go ahead with an easy three in my racers to prep for tomorrow. I did a couple slow laps on the track just to get a feel for it in my racers. I felt kinda silly because there was this hardcore there (spikes and all) getting ready to do some serious speedwork.

I was very happy because I was able to do it all without socks without getting a blister, which means that much less weight on my feet tomorrow.

Anyway, an easy lap or two around the lake tonight followed by some kata review in Karate. Tomorrow's my first track meet ever. Yikes!

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