Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Trail Report

The Mountaineer Trail Race went pretty damn well. The muddy, slippery conditions forced me to slow down my downhill bomb and as usual I had to walk a lot of the uphill, but I still managed to come in at 33:02, shearing off nearly 45 seconds from last year's time. This is especially awesome as 1.) I couldn't bomb the downhills, as a nasty spill in the mud finally convinced me, 2.) I actually took a wrong turn (I was the first runner at that point) and lost some time there and 3.) I lost time during said fall.

Because none of the hardcores showed up, my time was good enough to land me third overall. Sweet! My prize was a voucher for a new pair of trail runners, which officially makes this the first profitable race ever for me.

Sunday Dr. Z and I did a very long paddle with more carries than I've ever done in my life. Exhausting, especially after racing the day before. In fact, I actually ended up skipping my usual two-mile recovery jog.

Yesterday was an easy run. I was still very, very sore so I only did three miles in a very slow 26:40. It felt like a tempo run I was so achy and tired.

Because I was still hurting and knew I had a tough track workout the next day I took it very easy in Karate last night. The black belts worked some kata for a while, then we did a whole bunch of bunkai, which I mainly just stood around and helped during.

Today's track workout was awesome. I LOVE track! I jogged the 1.5 miles there to warm up, and then met Dr. Z at the track, where he went over the basics (such as which way you run) and then it was time for a 1500 meter time trial. Although I've run FASTER 1500s at my peak, this was the TOUGHEST 1500 meters I've ever ran. I came in at 6:42, which isn't too bad, especially since there was a very nasty headwind on the front stretch. I'm hoping to hit around 6:00 even for the meet.

In any case, the trail race went really well and I can't wait to get back out on the track next week!

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