Friday, June 26, 2009

Tough Fun Run

The temperature soared (for up here) to 87 yesterday, making for an extremely tough Fun Run last night. It was originally supposed to cloud up and start raining by the end of the day, but that never happened. While this made most of the runners happy, freak here who prefers running in a cold rain and can't stand the heat knew she was in for a rough time.

I managed the first mile in 8:11, not great, but not bad under the circumstances. Unfortunately I bonked shortly after and had to walk most of the way. I know that almost everyone put in a bad time because of the heat and humidity but I was about SEVEN MINUTES off, which, in a four-mile run, is bad. What the hell.

Today is Three Workout Friday. An easy four mile run, an easy one lap paddle around Mirror lake, and some light tournament training at Karate.

Tomorrow - paddle, paddle paddle!

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