Friday, June 05, 2009

Not-So-Easy Easy Run

Yesterday's circuit around Kiwassa went really well, although we did have wind yet again. We finished in just under 50 minutes, so we still have work to do, but we didn't want to push too hard anyway since we have the Tupper Lake 9-Miler tomorrow.

Today's easy run was surprisingly tough. First of all, my legs were tired from yesterday, then my blister patch ripped and I ended up bleeding into my sock (as I discovered post-run). The heat and wind didn't help. I was hoping for a 8:40 pace but came in at 34:53 for an 8:44 pace. Oh well.

Tonight will be tournament prep with Dr. Z. I have been totally neglected Karate lately because of all the paddling and running but have to get serious about getting ready for the Northeast Open.

Tomorrow is the Tupper Lake 9-Miler. Woohoo!

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