Monday, June 15, 2009

Madrid Madness

Saturday I attempted to run nine miles at a 9:00 pace after skipping my long run two weeks in a row. Mistaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!! I actually managed the first seven miles, but after another half mile, including going up the hill from River Road, I decided to walk the last mile and a half. I would have run-walked the rest of the way, but Dr. Z and I had a canoe race the next day so I didn't want to push it.

Sunday's race went okay. It was our longest race ever - 13 miles. Only two other stock boats showed up, but I think most of them showed up for the shorter stock race (nine miles) the day before. We were creamed by the other two boats, but they were both men only. I will admit I wasn't happy with our performance, but after last week's race I can't complain.

Today's easy run went well - 4 miles in 34:37. I eventually want "easy" to be an 8:30 pace, but I don't want to go any faster until 8:40 feels ridiculously easy.

Tonight will be a strength-training for women seminar. Probably won't learn anything I didn't already know, but you never know, plus I haven't seen this group of friends in ages.

Tomorrow will be a tempo run and a Sundowner. Woohoo!

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