Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Hill Repeats

Did my second-ever hill workout today. Three repeats up Olympic Drive in 13:33. Since my watch wasn't working last time, I had no idea how SHORT my hill workout is. Oh well - it still kicks my ass. Hopefully I'll be doing even more repeats by the time the Mountaineer's Baxter Mountain Trail Race comes around - the first mile straight uphill really killed me last year. (Plus the Froggy Five Miler will most likely be my next race after that and...ditto on the uphill part.)

Tonight is the first Sundowner. I'm very excited to see how we do in the new boat compared to last year. Along with the Fun Runs starting next week it seems that summer has officially arrived. Now if only someone will tell the weather that.

Tomorrow is a day off with nothing but Karate.

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