Tuesday, June 09, 2009

First Place!

The Tupper Lake 9-Miler went really well. How well? We took first in our division for the first time. Yay! We actually beat this couple who always beat us last year. The difference is back when we were both in rec class, they had a longer boat, giving them an advantage. Now we have boats which are the same length and weight and we kicked 'em. The other difference is that for the first time we actually had an awesome start at the gun, hitting 7.0 and then settling nicely into our race pace. (Usually we get a slow start and spend the rest of the race playing catchup.) We came in middle of the pack of all the stock boats, which isn't bad for only our second race in stock class.

Sunday was my long run, wherein I learned a Very Important Lesson: Peanuts are a terrible pre-run food. I know, big ol' DUH. I had to stop after four miles for fear of vomiting peanut butter. Unfortunately, that means a second week in a row with no long run.

Yesterday's hill workout (last one before the Mountaineer trail run) went really well. I upped it to four repeats, which I finished in 14:44. My legs now feel nice and strong for climbing Baxter Mountain.

Last night's Karate class was also good. After teaching kata for a little while, we all geared up and sparred. I was severely out of practice, but Sensei gave me some good pointers since he's short like me. (It was also tough because I rely on speed to make up for my lack of reach and size, but couldn't move fast because my legs were tired from the hill workout.)

Today was an easy four miles, which I finished bang on schedule in 34:40. I got rained on, but I love running in a cool rain.

Tonight will be a lap around Lake Placid. Gotta get ready for the Madrid Canoe Weekend on Sunday!

Tomorrow is my day off, with Karate only.

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