Friday, June 12, 2009

First Fun Run of the Year

Wednesday was a total rest day for me - even skipped Karate so I'd actually have an evening off for once.

Yesterday was the first Fun Run of the year, now run by the good people in Sports Medicine. IronKid and her sibs showed up, which was awesome. (She, of course, was out of sight after the first half-mile.) I ran the 4.13 mile course in 32:42 for an 7:56 pace, a personal best on that course and seventy seconds faster than last year's times. It started POURING during the last mile or so, but it actually felt really good at that point. Hopefully I'll be able to get back under 31:00 next time I run the Fun Run hard in two weeks. (Next week I'm doing it as a jog because of the Mountaineer Trail Run.)

Today is going to be a bunch of easy workouts - an easy four-mile run, an easy lap around the lake before Karate, and a low-key Karate class.

Tomorrow will be my third attempt at running nine miles at a nine-minute pace.

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