Monday, June 29, 2009

Beating the Heat

The heat was still around for Friday's recovery run, which went a bit better but still less than a 9 minute pace. I only did three miles instead of four as well. The paddling went a LOT better though - Dr. Z and I set a new PR for going around Mirror Lake by quite a lot. Awesome!

Saturday's long paddle went pretty well - we did the first 18 miles of the 90-Miler. The longest part was driving all the way out to Old Forge in separate cars. It's almost as far as Albany! We're still having issues with portaging (shoulder carrys are giving me bursitis on my shoulders and Dr. Z's arthritis and bad rotator cuff can't handle the Paddleboy.), but we're figuring it out. The actual paddling went great.

Sunday's track workout was tough but good. I jogged the 1.75 miles to the track to warm up, and then did four 400 meter repeats with what was SUPPOSED to be 100 meter recoveries, but I didn't catch my breath quite that fast. The good news is that all four repeats were fairly consistent: 1:35, 1:36, 1:37 and 1:42. I then walked 800 meters around the track to recover and jogged the 1.75 miles back home.

Today was four easy miles in 34:47. It was the first run I've had in non-melting weather since Tuesday, which was nice.

Tonight is Karate, and tomorrow will be a 1600 time trial/tempo at the track and a Sundowner time trial in the evening.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Tough Fun Run

The temperature soared (for up here) to 87 yesterday, making for an extremely tough Fun Run last night. It was originally supposed to cloud up and start raining by the end of the day, but that never happened. While this made most of the runners happy, freak here who prefers running in a cold rain and can't stand the heat knew she was in for a rough time.

I managed the first mile in 8:11, not great, but not bad under the circumstances. Unfortunately I bonked shortly after and had to walk most of the way. I know that almost everyone put in a bad time because of the heat and humidity but I was about SEVEN MINUTES off, which, in a four-mile run, is bad. What the hell.

Today is Three Workout Friday. An easy four mile run, an easy one lap paddle around Mirror lake, and some light tournament training at Karate.

Tomorrow - paddle, paddle paddle!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Trail Report

The Mountaineer Trail Race went pretty damn well. The muddy, slippery conditions forced me to slow down my downhill bomb and as usual I had to walk a lot of the uphill, but I still managed to come in at 33:02, shearing off nearly 45 seconds from last year's time. This is especially awesome as 1.) I couldn't bomb the downhills, as a nasty spill in the mud finally convinced me, 2.) I actually took a wrong turn (I was the first runner at that point) and lost some time there and 3.) I lost time during said fall.

Because none of the hardcores showed up, my time was good enough to land me third overall. Sweet! My prize was a voucher for a new pair of trail runners, which officially makes this the first profitable race ever for me.

Sunday Dr. Z and I did a very long paddle with more carries than I've ever done in my life. Exhausting, especially after racing the day before. In fact, I actually ended up skipping my usual two-mile recovery jog.

Yesterday was an easy run. I was still very, very sore so I only did three miles in a very slow 26:40. It felt like a tempo run I was so achy and tired.

Because I was still hurting and knew I had a tough track workout the next day I took it very easy in Karate last night. The black belts worked some kata for a while, then we did a whole bunch of bunkai, which I mainly just stood around and helped during.

Today's track workout was awesome. I LOVE track! I jogged the 1.5 miles there to warm up, and then met Dr. Z at the track, where he went over the basics (such as which way you run) and then it was time for a 1500 meter time trial. Although I've run FASTER 1500s at my peak, this was the TOUGHEST 1500 meters I've ever ran. I came in at 6:42, which isn't too bad, especially since there was a very nasty headwind on the front stretch. I'm hoping to hit around 6:00 even for the meet.

In any case, the trail race went really well and I can't wait to get back out on the track next week!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Last Taper

...and tomorrow, we race!

Did an easy two miles in 17:57. Man is it warm and humid out. Blech. It's looking like the trail will probably be pretty messy for tomorrow's race. Good thing I bought trail runners! Maybe I should have gotten ankle gaiters too. Of course, it wouldn't be a trail race if you didn't end up with mud and dirt halfway up your legs and back.

Tonight will be an easy lap around the lake (since I have a race tomorrow) and Karate.

Wish me luck tomorrow!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Taper Taper

Yesterday I definitely felt the results of the circuit training class followed by Tuesday's tempo run. I could barely WALK, forget running. Luckily it was my day off anyway.

Karate class was not good. We had to come up with bunkai, or self-defense from our kata and then show Sensei. I totally froze and not only came up with only five instead of the eight required for black belts, I totally blanked and could only remember two when it was time to show Sensei. Suckage. Oh well.

Today's run was tougher than it should have been because I'm still a bit sore plus it's humid and raining. I did four miles in 34:42. I decided to skip tonight's Fun Run since the competitor in me has trouble dogging it when there's other people around. I might still go to hang out - depends on if the weather improves or not.

Tomorrow will be a two mile jog and some light Karate.

Saturday - TRAIL RACE! YAY!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fun Run Pics

Here's some pics from the first Fun Run of the year:

And we're off! (That's me in the aqua tank and black shorts.)

Dr. Z loves to road dog.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Great Tempo Run

Just had an awesome tempo run this morning. I did my 3.5 mile hilly route in 27:51, meeting my goal of a sub-8 minute pace. What made that truly impressive is that my legs are actually already killing me from a circuit-training class I did last night. (Not something I usually would have done the night before a tempo run but it was through the Learning Circle and I hadn't seen those girls in ages.) I'm feeling strong and ready for the race. At least, I will once I can walk again.

Tonight is a Sundowner. Hope I have the energy to do well after this morning's hard workout. The trail race on Saturday has forced me to do my tempo on the same day - can't wait to get back to doing it on Monday instead.

Tomorrow will be a day gloriously off except for Karate. Gotta rest my legs for Baxter Mountain!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Madrid Madness

Saturday I attempted to run nine miles at a 9:00 pace after skipping my long run two weeks in a row. Mistaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!! I actually managed the first seven miles, but after another half mile, including going up the hill from River Road, I decided to walk the last mile and a half. I would have run-walked the rest of the way, but Dr. Z and I had a canoe race the next day so I didn't want to push it.

Sunday's race went okay. It was our longest race ever - 13 miles. Only two other stock boats showed up, but I think most of them showed up for the shorter stock race (nine miles) the day before. We were creamed by the other two boats, but they were both men only. I will admit I wasn't happy with our performance, but after last week's race I can't complain.

Today's easy run went well - 4 miles in 34:37. I eventually want "easy" to be an 8:30 pace, but I don't want to go any faster until 8:40 feels ridiculously easy.

Tonight will be a strength-training for women seminar. Probably won't learn anything I didn't already know, but you never know, plus I haven't seen this group of friends in ages.

Tomorrow will be a tempo run and a Sundowner. Woohoo!

Friday, June 12, 2009

First Fun Run of the Year

Wednesday was a total rest day for me - even skipped Karate so I'd actually have an evening off for once.

Yesterday was the first Fun Run of the year, now run by the good people in Sports Medicine. IronKid and her sibs showed up, which was awesome. (She, of course, was out of sight after the first half-mile.) I ran the 4.13 mile course in 32:42 for an 7:56 pace, a personal best on that course and seventy seconds faster than last year's times. It started POURING during the last mile or so, but it actually felt really good at that point. Hopefully I'll be able to get back under 31:00 next time I run the Fun Run hard in two weeks. (Next week I'm doing it as a jog because of the Mountaineer Trail Run.)

Today is going to be a bunch of easy workouts - an easy four-mile run, an easy lap around the lake before Karate, and a low-key Karate class.

Tomorrow will be my third attempt at running nine miles at a nine-minute pace.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

First Place!

The Tupper Lake 9-Miler went really well. How well? We took first in our division for the first time. Yay! We actually beat this couple who always beat us last year. The difference is back when we were both in rec class, they had a longer boat, giving them an advantage. Now we have boats which are the same length and weight and we kicked 'em. The other difference is that for the first time we actually had an awesome start at the gun, hitting 7.0 and then settling nicely into our race pace. (Usually we get a slow start and spend the rest of the race playing catchup.) We came in middle of the pack of all the stock boats, which isn't bad for only our second race in stock class.

Sunday was my long run, wherein I learned a Very Important Lesson: Peanuts are a terrible pre-run food. I know, big ol' DUH. I had to stop after four miles for fear of vomiting peanut butter. Unfortunately, that means a second week in a row with no long run.

Yesterday's hill workout (last one before the Mountaineer trail run) went really well. I upped it to four repeats, which I finished in 14:44. My legs now feel nice and strong for climbing Baxter Mountain.

Last night's Karate class was also good. After teaching kata for a little while, we all geared up and sparred. I was severely out of practice, but Sensei gave me some good pointers since he's short like me. (It was also tough because I rely on speed to make up for my lack of reach and size, but couldn't move fast because my legs were tired from the hill workout.)

Today was an easy four miles, which I finished bang on schedule in 34:40. I got rained on, but I love running in a cool rain.

Tonight will be a lap around Lake Placid. Gotta get ready for the Madrid Canoe Weekend on Sunday!

Tomorrow is my day off, with Karate only.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Not-So-Easy Easy Run

Yesterday's circuit around Kiwassa went really well, although we did have wind yet again. We finished in just under 50 minutes, so we still have work to do, but we didn't want to push too hard anyway since we have the Tupper Lake 9-Miler tomorrow.

Today's easy run was surprisingly tough. First of all, my legs were tired from yesterday, then my blister patch ripped and I ended up bleeding into my sock (as I discovered post-run). The heat and wind didn't help. I was hoping for a 8:40 pace but came in at 34:53 for an 8:44 pace. Oh well.

Tonight will be tournament prep with Dr. Z. I have been totally neglected Karate lately because of all the paddling and running but have to get serious about getting ready for the Northeast Open.

Tomorrow is the Tupper Lake 9-Miler. Woohoo!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Prep for the Mountaineer's Trail Race

The first Sundowner time trial (kind of the paddling equivalent of a Fun Run) went okay. I wasn't happy with our placement (last, although we WERE paddling against serious hardcores) or our time (not as good as last year, but it's still early in the season). Hopefully we'll get faster as the season goes on. We always do. We're still trying to figure out the best way to do buoy turns in the longer boat.

Yesterday was a rest day from running and paddling. As it turns out, good thing because the Sundowner really torqued my SI joint out of place. As it was, the black belts spent most of the class watching the kyu belts perform their kata as if it was a tournament and I ended up having to sit because the standing in one place was KILLING my back. On a positive note, a few old students I hadn't seen in ages showed up, which was very cool. Also, the black belts got to work on Toye No Sai for the last twenty minutes of class. I managed through it with my back, but just barely.

Today's tempo run went okay. I started from my usual spot, ran up Colden Ave, around the lake and back down. It's about 3.5 miles (guesstimate) and it took 28:29. In retrospect, I actually held back a little I think. I am REALLY feeling the improvement from doing the hillwork. My legs are nice and strong again. I'm feeling ready for Baxter Mountain, which is good since it's only a little over two weeks away.

Tonight will be a four mile paddle around Kiwassa. Dr. Z. and I were originally planning something longer, but we paddled hard on Tuesday and have the Tupper Lake 9-Miler on Saturday.

Tomorrow will be an easy day, with four miles easy and Karate with Dr. Z. Also, a trip to the chiropractor. I was originally going in for a knot in my back that's affecting my stride AND my paddling form, but may have to have the SI joint taken care of instead and come back for the knot later. We'll see.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Hill Repeats

Did my second-ever hill workout today. Three repeats up Olympic Drive in 13:33. Since my watch wasn't working last time, I had no idea how SHORT my hill workout is. Oh well - it still kicks my ass. Hopefully I'll be doing even more repeats by the time the Mountaineer's Baxter Mountain Trail Race comes around - the first mile straight uphill really killed me last year. (Plus the Froggy Five Miler will most likely be my next race after that and...ditto on the uphill part.)

Tonight is the first Sundowner. I'm very excited to see how we do in the new boat compared to last year. Along with the Fun Runs starting next week it seems that summer has officially arrived. Now if only someone will tell the weather that.

Tomorrow is a day off with nothing but Karate.


Well, Freihofer's was INSANE. 500 more people showed up than last year for a total of over 3600. (Over 4000 people actually registered.) Here's a picture so that you can see what 3600 runners trying to fit on one standard two-lane street looks like. I literally walked the first half mile and jogged the second half mile. (My one mile split was 9:30, including the minute it took me to cross the start line.)

I finished in 24:45 according to my watch, which means that my last two splits were around 7:42 - Not bad at all for this time of year. Still not as good as last year, but I seriously think the additional runners had something to do with it, because although my official time was worse, as was my placement, I finished slightly higher percentage-wise - 14.6%.

So, I was so-so in my happiness. That goal of top 10% still eludes me. Dr. Z was laughing because I was already coming up with strategy for next year while COOLING DOWN.

Anyway, the most exciting part of the day was MEETING JOAN BENOIT-SAMUELSON. That's right, bitches! She did a signing in the health expo. She autographed a picture of herself winning Boston with "To Veronica: Run in good health for many miles to come. Joan Benoit-Samuelson." Needless to say, it's already framed and hung.

The woman is incredible. 52 years old and she finished well under 18 minutes. Yes, that's right. She's almost old enough for AARP and her 5K pace is sub-6:00. She came in 25th overall, pretty much beaten by only the 20-and-30-something elites.

Here's a pic - don't mind the stars in my eyes:

Anyway, it was an okay race, but I'm hoping to do better next year.