Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tough Weekend

Round the Mountain was on Saturday. Oh. My. GOD. The wind was INSANE. At least three boats went over and another three had to be towed in by the sweeper boat. Lifejackets were required and there were multiple checkpoints where they were tracking boat numbers. Quite frankly, I'm surprised Mac still held the race, but he does 1000-mile races up in the Yukon, so this probably was nothing to him.

Dr. Z and I did fairly well considering it was our first time racing in stock class. Our actual time sucked (2:00:33), but we were third of four teams in our class (coming in 1:30 and 2:00 behind second and first place, respectively) AND we beat a total of four stock C-2s to the finish. We would have done even better, but made a strategic error in the beginning, trying to cut straight across the lake instead of hugging the shoreline (which is the long way around) and getting blown every which way, which cost us a LOT of time. We DID have a kick-ass portage though and actually PASSED A TEAM while portaging.

Sunday was a long run day. The wind was still vicious, so I opted for Dr. Z's treadmill. I ran 8 miles at a 2% incline in 1:11:30 for an 8:57 pace. Awesomeness!

Yesterday was a well-deserved easy day, doing a slow 5K around the lake in 26:42. (I actually did most of it slower but decided to bomb the last half-mile, which is all downhill.)

I had to miss Karate to work, which is too bad since they had sparring last night. Dammit!

Off for my three-mile tempo run. (And paddling tonight.)

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