Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Easy Run on Tired Legs

Last night's class turned out to be a surprise - sparring! It went much better than the last sparring class, although two of the people I fought were only yellow belts. I fought a black belt twice my size and as Dr. Z said, "Mopped the floor with him." I also fought Sensei Sixpack, who as usual mopped the floor with ME. He said I did well though and also complemented my restraint with the yellow belts.

Unfortunately doing a tempo run and a sparring class yesterday meant that my legs were absolutely dead today. I did an "easy" three miles in 26:16, but definitely had to work at it more than I usually would have.

Tonight Dr. Z and I are going to do the Round the Mountain route. Should be a beautiful day for it, aside from a bit of wind.

Tomorrow is a REST DAY. Even Karate should be physically easy since we sparred yesterday. Thank God. I want to be well-rested for Thursday's tempo run.

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