Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Awesome Holiday Weekend

Memorial Day weekend ROCKED. First off, I haven't had a day off work since dinosaurs last roamed the earth, so the break was Most Welcome. Secondly, Dr. Z and I kept busy with fun outdoorsy stuff.

Saturday I stretched my long run up to nine miles. Dr. Z road-dogged and remarked the mile and half mile points. Turns out his bike computer was a bit generous with its definition of "mile", meaning I haven't been running as fast or as far as I thought. Boo!

I kept my goal 9:00 pace for most of the way despite the increased distance between miles, but ran out of gas around mile 6. I didn't have to stop and walk or anything, but I slowed down to more a 9:15 pace around mile 6. I walked the hill up from River Road after my legs said, "Oh HELL no" to running it (I tried a couple times). I finished in 1:23 for a 9:12 pace. I'm hoping to hit a 9:00 pace at that distance next time. (Which is my goal before upping to ten miles.)

Sunday we went white water rafting down the Hudson. It was AMAZING! We had an awesome guide, Todd, who was covered in tattoos and told dirty jokes the entire way. Flatwater just seems so boring now! They even fed us both lunch and dinner. The only downside was that we were put with a group of guys from Jersey who weren't even TRYING to paddle. In fact, at one point one of them sat in the MIDDLE OF THE RAFT and was dead weight. Dr. Z and I are definitely going again, but are equally definitely bringing our own group along next time. Here's some pics of us hitting a Class 4:

Monday was our long paddle. We did the first fifteen or so miles (forgot the GPS) of the 90-miler. It went fairly well, although we did not have a good portage at Barlett's Carry. The Paddleboy kept snagging on rocks and such. We definitely still have some bugs to iron out when it comes to portaging.

I also ran an easy four miles in 35:00 on Dr. Z's treadmill.

Yesterday was my last tempo run before Freihofer's. I did 3 REAL miles (now that they're remarked) in 24:19. I wasn't happy with the time, but not only is it farther than before, there was an incredible headwind the entire way back.

We also did an easy lap around Mirror Lake last night to shake out our arms. It took over 27 minutes, but we weren't pushing ourselves and were both tired from the paddle the day before.

Today is FINALLY a day off. All I have is Karate. (Even if we have sparring it'll be an easy day since I never spar right before a race. Too much chance of getting injured.)

Tomorrow will be an easy four miles and paddling.

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